The Selection Process

It's been a little more than a week, and guess what ... we're still waiting. (Gee, won't this be an exciting blog.) Since there hasn't been much movement this past week, I thought I'd update on how the actual selection process works.

After Dan and I were officially approved, we took on the big task of building our portfolio: a big binder describing our relationship, home, lifestyle, family, friends and our hopes and dreams of making parenthood a reality. This portfolio is filled with photos too, because we felt it meant more to see us then to just tell about us. Sounds like an easy task, but it is tougher than you think to talk about yourself. I agonzied over photos and words, but in the end, we realized that we just needed to be us and that the best situation will work out because of that.

The binder is housed at Adoption Services, Inc. and if we're a "match" to a potential birthmother and/or birthfather, they view our portfolio and any other "couple matches." From there they can choose a couple or maybe several to meet in person. We haven't made it to this step yet. We do know that our portfolio has been viewed by a handful of birthmothers, but no phone calls just yet. Now that we've been waiting for a few months, we recently made some adjustments to the portfolio and have the new and improved version on display.

While we wait, we think of baby names, look at baby clothes, buy baby toys, etc. I have some great friends who have reminded me that it's okay to do a little baby shopping, so we'll be visiting Babies R Us in the upcoming weeks and maybe picking up a few essentials so when we get that exciting call ... we'll be ready. Well, as ready as we can be.


Adoption Process - Just the Beginning

We've started this blog so we can share our exciting journey toward parenthood through an adoption plan. We made the decision to adopt after 8 1/2 years of marriage and many years of trying to conceive a child. For a couple of years, we researched, discussed, researched some more and in January 2007, we started the paperwork for a domestic adoption and by August 2007 we were approved as foster parents and officially considered "waiting." And it really is just that, we wait, and wait, and wait, and hope too, that we'll get that exciting call everyday. Because there is a lot of waiting in the process, I thought this would be a convenient way for everyone to get updates on our journey. We're so excited about this life-changing decision, because we know it was what we were meant to do. Check back and we'll fill you in on the waiting and hopefully ... the exciting call when it happens. In the meantime, feel free to check out our online profile at Adoption Services, Inc. -Jodi