Still there?

Anyone, anyone ... Bueller? Just checking.

The latest update for Dan and I and our adoption journey includes expanding our search a bit. Based on a referral from a friend (of a friend), we are considering working with a law office out of Florida. We have sent in our initial application and are awaiting a phone consultation. That should happen some time in September and then we'll let you all know if we decide to sign with them. I've done lots of online research on the firm, been to chat rooms and message boards and have only seen good things about the firm. Wish us luck with our expanded search. We'll let you know how that progresses.


Friend of a Friend of a Friend ...

A couple of weeks ago we heard about a little girl who may be placed for adoption. We haven't heard much recently, but hope that if the situation is still open, that we will be given the opportunity to meet and discuss the possibility of an adoption plan. If we meet, we may or may not feel comfortable with each other. You just never know. We struggle, because it takes someone's unfortunate circumstance for us to have this opportunity. All we can promise is that we'd love, support and nuture this little girl or any child that we can call our own.

Thanks to everyone who is still checking in. Sorry there aren't more exciting updates, but this is a long process. Someday the payoff will be huge!

Enjoy your summer! -Jodi