Tyler Addison's arrival

He's here, he's here! Tyler Addison arrived on 7/3 at 1:35 pm. He weighs 6.0 lbs. and was 19 inches long. He seems so tiny, but he's absolutely perfect and most importantly healthy.

We arrived at the hospital at 8 am and got to meet the birthmother right away. This is the part I was the most nervous about, but she was great and made the conversation very easy. A little later in the day we got to meet the birthfather as well. I can sum the day up as a very, very special and an emotional one. My favorite part was being there during delivery. We had been in and out of her room throughout the morning and then at about 1:25, the nurse popped her head in and told us she was pushing. And then she said that the birthmother said it would be okay if I came in. I jumped up and followed the nurse into the room where the pushing was already happening. Two more pushes and he was here. Beautiful baby Tyler was here.

He's been with Dan and I ever since. We're up every three hours, but surprising not exhausted - yet.

Tomorrow is the big day. Birthmother is scheduled to sign papers in the early afternoon and if all goes well ... we leave the hospital with Tyler. And he's ours. So, we'll know shortly for sure. In the meantime, we're loving every minutes of parenthood. He's been such a good baby so far. And in my mind, he'll forever be this content and perfect.

More updates to come ...


July 3rd - baby day!

We have a date! Small change ... no c-section, but the birthmother is being induced on Friday, July 3 at 5:30 a.m. And we get to be there for the delivery! So, we'll arrive at the hospital for 5:30 a.m. tomorrow and then we'll wait until she's ready for us to come into her room. This will be the first time we meet her. I think I'm most nervous for that moment. I've played the scene in my head a million times, but tomorrow it moves to reality.

So, we're just relaxing today. It's a HOT one - 97 degrees! We'll have more pictures and info to share tomorrow.

Big Day Tomorrow

As most of you know (because I have been shouting it from the rooftops) it's time for us to meet our baby boy. We got the call Tuesday morning to head to Florida. So, we packed the car to the brim - no joke. We left Tuesday night and made it to our destination Wednesday night. Long, long drive. Lots of great scenery, lots of road construction, lots of little naps, lots of laughing, lots of bugs on the windshield, and lots of talking about what it will be like to be parents. But we are here and waiting. Dan's parents arrived about 30 minutes before we did.

Baby will be here by the 4th of July. I'm still pinching myself. We'll keep everyone updated as much as possible with this blog and Facebook.

Be back soon! Good night. -Jodi