Baby Bedding Purchase

After waiting for so long, Dan and I made the first official baby purchase. We bought a bedding set - gender neutral - and we love it. We used some of our Christmas money. We've had one room upstairs that has been in a holding pattern for years, so we decided to take our time and start getting it ready. I used to think that walking by an empty baby room would make me sad, but the more I thought about it ... it doesn't matter what is or isn't in that room ... I still think about it. So, why not get the room prepared. Besides, buying the bedding was fun, and gave us hope. We will be parents in 2009 - I can feel it.

I hope everyone rings in the New Year in your own special way! - Jodi


Holidays and Adoption

The additional profiles have made it to Madonna Finney's Law Office in Florida. At least that's what FedEx tells me. We're happy with our books now and hoping to get some good news soon. What an awesome Christmas present that would be?!? I try not to get my hopes up, but it's so hard, especially this time of year. Christmas is that much more fun with little ones around.

I was with two of my nephews this past weekend at my grandpa's holiday party at the health care center ... anyway, Santa made a surprise visit and I saw their faces light up. Mason, 3, could hardly contain himself and when Santa made his rounds Mason promptly informed him he wanted drums for Christmas. Good luck there - I think Uncle Craig has that covered. We sang Christmas carols and nibbled on some snacks. It was a real treat to experience that with them. I don't get to see that level of Christmas excitement normally. At least not yet. But now I can't wait until we can experience it all for ourselves.

Enjoy the rest of your Christmas planning! And don't forget to enjoy the moments. They're all special. -Jodi


Movement (?)

Over the last couple of days we have heard from the Florida law office that things were in a bit of a lull, but have recently picked up. They have requested additional profile copies ASAP because there are potential matches they could send our profile out to. Encouraging news. I overnighted what I had last night and will order more online tonight. Unfortunately with the holidays, it is taking a while for delivery. I do know that they are working with around 20 couples at the moment. It's time to send positive thoughts, prayers and cross your fingers and toes for luck.
Thanks to everyone for still following our journey! -Jodi