No News But Good News

We heard last night that the birthmom hasn't made a decision yet. The good news about that is that we're still in the running. Hopefully we'll hear something soon. -Jodi


Big Purchase

Dan and I have bought a crib! That's right, we now have a crib and baby bedding. We haven't put the crib together yet, and won't until we need it, but it's here. We actually saw it a few months ago and really liked it, but we felt kind of weird buying it. Or at least I did. But last weekend, we brought that exciting piece of furniture home. At some point we're going to paint the room too. Just haven't thought that far ahead yet. Decorator I am NOT.

Thanks to everyone who commented or emailed me about the recent opportunity. We're still waiting to hear so I don't have any updates on that yet. I did call to follow up last Thursday and they said they would get back to me ... still waiting for that for that return call which I have to admit is a little disappointing. Hopefully, they are working on things behind the scenes.

Until next time ... -Jodi


Waiting Stinks

OK, waiting is tough enough, but waiting to hear from the Florida law office about the recent situation - stinks even more. I'm not getting my hopes up. (At least that has been my daily mantra since Friday night.) But it is so very hard not to get excited. I really hope we hear soon - one way or the other - my stomach can't handle this.

On a pathetic note ... I just noticed that one of the couples that signed up at the local agency around the same time we did ... well they're now back on the list for their second adoption. The shocker was their adoptive son is two! Now there was a wake-up call.

Did I mention waiting STINKS!? (ugh - I think I'll go eat worms.) -Jodi


Please Cross Everything!

Fingers, toes, maybe your eyes once in a while. Whatever you've got, cross them for luck. There was a scenario presented to us late on Friday from the Florida law office. The birthparents haven't chosen us, but for once we're in the running. Dan and I feel good about the situation from what we've heard so far. That's why we need all the positive thoughts, wishes, prayers that you can conjour up. We'll keep you all updated as we get updates ... either way. Thank you! -Jodi


Scam #1 - Check

We received our very first solicitation via email. It was from Father Marius who just happens to work at an orphanage and has children under the age of two that need to be adopted. Sounds too good to be true. That's because it is. Adoption scams. I had heard about these solicitations on a yahoo adoption scam group I belong to. And thank goodness, because I can see how getting an email like this could result in responses. Adoption is an emotional ride and people don't always use their best judgement when emotions are involved.

The upside to this ... our email and profile are out there. People are seeing it.

I spoke with the Florida office today and they asked us to send a few more profiles down to them. Still busy, but no matches just yet. And the local office sent us our web stats:
  • 1,408 visitors to "Adoptive Parents"
  • 115 visitors to "Pregnant?"
  • 90 visitors to our profile

There has been quite a bit of activity with the local office, but no matches for us. Actually a couple of the adoptions are being reviewed and so the children are being held up in foster care. Maybe not being chosen was the blessing this time.

Happy February everyone! -Jodi