Tyler Addison's arrival

He's here, he's here! Tyler Addison arrived on 7/3 at 1:35 pm. He weighs 6.0 lbs. and was 19 inches long. He seems so tiny, but he's absolutely perfect and most importantly healthy.

We arrived at the hospital at 8 am and got to meet the birthmother right away. This is the part I was the most nervous about, but she was great and made the conversation very easy. A little later in the day we got to meet the birthfather as well. I can sum the day up as a very, very special and an emotional one. My favorite part was being there during delivery. We had been in and out of her room throughout the morning and then at about 1:25, the nurse popped her head in and told us she was pushing. And then she said that the birthmother said it would be okay if I came in. I jumped up and followed the nurse into the room where the pushing was already happening. Two more pushes and he was here. Beautiful baby Tyler was here.

He's been with Dan and I ever since. We're up every three hours, but surprising not exhausted - yet.

Tomorrow is the big day. Birthmother is scheduled to sign papers in the early afternoon and if all goes well ... we leave the hospital with Tyler. And he's ours. So, we'll know shortly for sure. In the meantime, we're loving every minutes of parenthood. He's been such a good baby so far. And in my mind, he'll forever be this content and perfect.

More updates to come ...


July 3rd - baby day!

We have a date! Small change ... no c-section, but the birthmother is being induced on Friday, July 3 at 5:30 a.m. And we get to be there for the delivery! So, we'll arrive at the hospital for 5:30 a.m. tomorrow and then we'll wait until she's ready for us to come into her room. This will be the first time we meet her. I think I'm most nervous for that moment. I've played the scene in my head a million times, but tomorrow it moves to reality.

So, we're just relaxing today. It's a HOT one - 97 degrees! We'll have more pictures and info to share tomorrow.

Big Day Tomorrow

As most of you know (because I have been shouting it from the rooftops) it's time for us to meet our baby boy. We got the call Tuesday morning to head to Florida. So, we packed the car to the brim - no joke. We left Tuesday night and made it to our destination Wednesday night. Long, long drive. Lots of great scenery, lots of road construction, lots of little naps, lots of laughing, lots of bugs on the windshield, and lots of talking about what it will be like to be parents. But we are here and waiting. Dan's parents arrived about 30 minutes before we did.

Baby will be here by the 4th of July. I'm still pinching myself. We'll keep everyone updated as much as possible with this blog and Facebook.

Be back soon! Good night. -Jodi


Holding Pattern

We are officially in a holding pattern. Just circling, waiting for the call. It's "next week" and we haven't heard any updates. In fact, the adoption lawyer didn't hear from the birthmother last week. We're not sure what day her appointment was, but hopefully we'll hear soon. For the time being it is business as usual.

I thought maybe, just maybe, baby Tyler would come today and he'd be able to share his birthday with his Grandpa Paynter. No such luck. There are four family birthdays in July, so we'll see how that goes.

We took the weekend and got registered for gifts. Lots of options, but we've also gotten lots of advice from friends and family, which helped. We also went to the Brewer game, cleaned the house, did a bunch of yardwork, went to church, visited my grandpa and had a date night. Saw The Hangover at the movies. Entertaining movie and I even laughed out loud a few times. Full weekend, but very productive.

Until the phone call ...


Tyler is almost here!

The latest update we have is to plan for next week. How's that for pinning it down? Actually, we're relieved that we have a little more time to pack things up. As well as Tyler having a little more time for development and growth. The birthmom's blood pressure came back down last week, so they are giving him a little more time in the womb.

So, it looks like Tyler Addison will be joining the world the week of June 29th!


Moving in Fast Forward

Tyler is coming! We received a call on Tuesday and the takeaway was that Tyler will be here sooner rather than later. We're excited he's coming, but the circumstances surrounding the early delivery are the tough part. As we mentioned before, the birthmother has skin cancer and needs to have treatments that they can't start while she's pregnant. Then on Tuesday at her doctor appointment they became concerned about preeclampsia. She goes back in tomorrow and then we'll find out what day they are going to do a scheduled c-section.

So, we've pushed things into high gear so we're ready to go. We're excited and nervous, but most of all ... I can't believe it's finally happening. I am going to be a MOM and Dan is going to be a DAD.

I'll update tomorrow when we know the day Tyler is entering the world.


Back to Back Updates!

Dan here with a quick update. Yesterday night, we had some friends' families over and grilled up some hamburgers and hot dogs. We had five little ones over and playing on the living room floor. It was nice to see the kids eating, playing and having fun and their parents. Some stories were read, some cars were raced, and everyone had a good time. I did note that one of the fathers looked plum tuckered out by nights end, but it may have been due to playing volleyball in the crummy weather earlier in the day.

Today, we went to visit little baby Leo for the first time. He's only a week old and his parents are first timers just as we will be. As I held him, I couldn't help but think about what it will be like to hold our baby boy for the first time. Hopefully, we'll find out sometime in the next six weeks. The crib is complete, the furniture's setup, and even the stuffed animals are in place. After putting together Tyler's room, it somehow seems more real to me. I'm so excited and can't wait to meet him.

But while we're excited and preparing to become parents, the birthmother is dealing with a nerve racking situation. My heart and prayers go out to her and her family. Please keep her and Tyler in your thoughts and prayers. I know I will.

Lastly, I'd like to thank everyone who's given us hand me downs, baby advice, and support in general. We really appreciate it!

May God smile on you and your family today...



Slacker Jodi Here!

I know I've been absent from here for quite a while. Sorry, for those of you who are still checking. Things have been crazy busy trying to get ready for the baby. Since it's been so long ... I'll give you the short version of updates:
- We've decided to name the baby Tyler Addison. Tyler because we like it and Addison is after my grandfather.
- The room is officially painted (as of last night) and we hope to set up the furniture tomorrow. The upstairs is a total disaster area right now.
- Crib is 3/4 of the way set up and we bought a mattress.
- We've gotten lots of newborn hand-me-downs to help get us through the first few months. Thanks Sharon, Courtney, Angela and Vicki!
- We bought the Chicco Travel System. It's still in a box in the garage, but it's here.
- We have a Pack N Play from Jayne (my mother-in-law). She had one at the house when Austin and Adam were little, so we're using that for the trip.
- Deanna (my sister-in-law) gave us a bunch of things too that she's been saving - glider, baby jogger, wagon, etc. We also got back all of the Brewer clothes we've bought for the boys over the years.
- Speaking of Brewer gear, Dan has been buying and saving Brewer clothes for years for our little boy. Don't be surprised if he's wearing Brewer gear every time you see him. :)

Now for some quick updates on the adoption situation. Baby is doing well and as of last week, they were estimating his weight to be 4 lbs. 2 oz. He's right on schedule and the due date is 7/18. However, one absolutely horrible situation has presented itself. We found out in the last couple of weeks that the birthmother was diagnosed with skin cancer - melanoma. It is pretty serious and she's been sent to a cancer center for treatment. Obviously they can't start chemo while she's pregnant, but they are going to do some topical surgery and treatments. I can't even pretend to imagine what that poor girl is going through. Dealing with either of these situations would be difficult, but to have them both to deal with is unimaginable. Although I think about her and the baby daily, my prayers include a little something extra for her. She needs strength during this time.

With all of this going on, Dan and I are pushing everything into high gear. They may have to take the baby early so they can start treatments, if needed. Today is week 34 so baby Tyler is getting more and more ready every day now. I've washed the baby clothes I have and have packed a little suitcase for Tyler. Next week, I'll pack our bags.

I'll get better at posting here so I can keep everyone updated. Keep those thoughts and prayers coming for us, Tyler and for the birthmother.

Thanks. -Jodi


Entering Third Trimester

Only three short months to the due date! Thank you to everyone who answered our poll, posted comments and sent me info on baby items, child care research, pediatrician questions, etc. They are all very helpful and will be put to good use.

We have received family medical records and reports from the birthmother's doctor appointments. Most importantly, baby is healthy. I logged on to babycenter.com and have been getting updates so we can follow the baby's development. It says that the baby is opening and closing his eyes now and even sucking his thumb. Amazing! I can't wait to meet him.

I've looked into travel planning for July, but it's probably going to be a last-minute booking. Lots of options to consider though - hotel, long-term stay, condo? Drive or fly?

Our packed bag for the hospital will actually be several bags, a few suitcases and a car seat. No complaints here! - Jodi


Baby Stuff

We went to Babies R Us this weekend. Man oh man do we need the stuff. And there are so many options. So, I'd like to ask all you parents out there ... what were some of the must-haves for you? What were some features on those items you couldn't live without? Or you wish you had? Any and all info is appreciated. We need to get some basics before we go to Florida, so we're looking at Travel Systems, Pack N Plays, diapers, bottles, etc. Anything and everything we'll need in the first two weeks until we get back to Wisconsin.

Fire away! We need your input.


It's a BOY!

I just realized I forgot to include that It's A Boy! It's kind of funny at this point. My sister has four boys and Dan's sister has two boys. It's all boys all the time! Actually Vicki's little guy is only two weeks old, so Ethan and our son will be the same age. Three of her boys were born in July too. I guess this little guy was destined to be in our family.


Big News!

We've been absent from the blog for a while ... but for good reason! Dan and I have received a match from a birthmother. Yes, you read correctly. The baby is due in July. Our baby!

Over the last few weeks we've been busy with paperwork, phone calls, and the hardest of all ... trying to contain our excitement in public. There have been many a happy dances being done in our household. Lots of smiling and even some tears of joy. If all continues to go well, we'll be parents this summer. Sometimes I still can't believe it.

We're not sharing details of the birthparents or the situation surrounding the adoption out of respect for everyone involved. Although we're surrounded with joy and excitement, there is also a very tough situation/decision involved on the other end. We hope everyone understands.

We've also been busy talking baby names, signing up for child care, looking at nursery decorations. All the fun stuff. We're so excited, I don't even know how to explain it. We have lots to do in a few short months to prepare, but we're ready for it all. Dan and I are going to be parents!


No News But Good News

We heard last night that the birthmom hasn't made a decision yet. The good news about that is that we're still in the running. Hopefully we'll hear something soon. -Jodi


Big Purchase

Dan and I have bought a crib! That's right, we now have a crib and baby bedding. We haven't put the crib together yet, and won't until we need it, but it's here. We actually saw it a few months ago and really liked it, but we felt kind of weird buying it. Or at least I did. But last weekend, we brought that exciting piece of furniture home. At some point we're going to paint the room too. Just haven't thought that far ahead yet. Decorator I am NOT.

Thanks to everyone who commented or emailed me about the recent opportunity. We're still waiting to hear so I don't have any updates on that yet. I did call to follow up last Thursday and they said they would get back to me ... still waiting for that for that return call which I have to admit is a little disappointing. Hopefully, they are working on things behind the scenes.

Until next time ... -Jodi


Waiting Stinks

OK, waiting is tough enough, but waiting to hear from the Florida law office about the recent situation - stinks even more. I'm not getting my hopes up. (At least that has been my daily mantra since Friday night.) But it is so very hard not to get excited. I really hope we hear soon - one way or the other - my stomach can't handle this.

On a pathetic note ... I just noticed that one of the couples that signed up at the local agency around the same time we did ... well they're now back on the list for their second adoption. The shocker was their adoptive son is two! Now there was a wake-up call.

Did I mention waiting STINKS!? (ugh - I think I'll go eat worms.) -Jodi


Please Cross Everything!

Fingers, toes, maybe your eyes once in a while. Whatever you've got, cross them for luck. There was a scenario presented to us late on Friday from the Florida law office. The birthparents haven't chosen us, but for once we're in the running. Dan and I feel good about the situation from what we've heard so far. That's why we need all the positive thoughts, wishes, prayers that you can conjour up. We'll keep you all updated as we get updates ... either way. Thank you! -Jodi


Scam #1 - Check

We received our very first solicitation via email. It was from Father Marius who just happens to work at an orphanage and has children under the age of two that need to be adopted. Sounds too good to be true. That's because it is. Adoption scams. I had heard about these solicitations on a yahoo adoption scam group I belong to. And thank goodness, because I can see how getting an email like this could result in responses. Adoption is an emotional ride and people don't always use their best judgement when emotions are involved.

The upside to this ... our email and profile are out there. People are seeing it.

I spoke with the Florida office today and they asked us to send a few more profiles down to them. Still busy, but no matches just yet. And the local office sent us our web stats:
  • 1,408 visitors to "Adoptive Parents"
  • 115 visitors to "Pregnant?"
  • 90 visitors to our profile

There has been quite a bit of activity with the local office, but no matches for us. Actually a couple of the adoptions are being reviewed and so the children are being held up in foster care. Maybe not being chosen was the blessing this time.

Happy February everyone! -Jodi


Florida Follow Up

I checked in with the Florida law office today. Just an email to see how things are going, if anything was progressing, etc., etc., etc. Last time we heard from them, things were picking up, but that was before Christmas and we haven't heard anything since. They told us we would only hear if there was news ... but sometimes it's just tough to sit and wait. I don't expect to hear ... "oh yeah, we forgot to call, you've been matched," but I'm just hoping for a little update. Didn't hear back, but hopefully tomorrow. Of course, we'll let you know as soon as we know. -Jodi


December Stats

We have had some activity in the past two months. Adoption Services, Inc. in Mequon showed our profile three times. However, most of the birthmothers decided to parent. The holidays must be a very tough time for expectant mothers with unplanned pregnancies. I can only imagine.

Other than that, we know our online profile was viewed 97 times and there were 111 visitors to the "Pregnant?" page. I did see that there were four couples moved to "matched and waiting." There have been quite a few new couples on the site and those seem to be the ones getting matched quickly.

We haven't heard much from the law office in Florida in the last few weeks.
That's it for now. Hope everyone is still on track with their New Year Resolution. -Jodi