Florida Follow Up

I checked in with the Florida law office today. Just an email to see how things are going, if anything was progressing, etc., etc., etc. Last time we heard from them, things were picking up, but that was before Christmas and we haven't heard anything since. They told us we would only hear if there was news ... but sometimes it's just tough to sit and wait. I don't expect to hear ... "oh yeah, we forgot to call, you've been matched," but I'm just hoping for a little update. Didn't hear back, but hopefully tomorrow. Of course, we'll let you know as soon as we know. -Jodi


December Stats

We have had some activity in the past two months. Adoption Services, Inc. in Mequon showed our profile three times. However, most of the birthmothers decided to parent. The holidays must be a very tough time for expectant mothers with unplanned pregnancies. I can only imagine.

Other than that, we know our online profile was viewed 97 times and there were 111 visitors to the "Pregnant?" page. I did see that there were four couples moved to "matched and waiting." There have been quite a few new couples on the site and those seem to be the ones getting matched quickly.

We haven't heard much from the law office in Florida in the last few weeks.
That's it for now. Hope everyone is still on track with their New Year Resolution. -Jodi