Entering Third Trimester

Only three short months to the due date! Thank you to everyone who answered our poll, posted comments and sent me info on baby items, child care research, pediatrician questions, etc. They are all very helpful and will be put to good use.

We have received family medical records and reports from the birthmother's doctor appointments. Most importantly, baby is healthy. I logged on to babycenter.com and have been getting updates so we can follow the baby's development. It says that the baby is opening and closing his eyes now and even sucking his thumb. Amazing! I can't wait to meet him.

I've looked into travel planning for July, but it's probably going to be a last-minute booking. Lots of options to consider though - hotel, long-term stay, condo? Drive or fly?

Our packed bag for the hospital will actually be several bags, a few suitcases and a car seat. No complaints here! - Jodi


Baby Stuff

We went to Babies R Us this weekend. Man oh man do we need the stuff. And there are so many options. So, I'd like to ask all you parents out there ... what were some of the must-haves for you? What were some features on those items you couldn't live without? Or you wish you had? Any and all info is appreciated. We need to get some basics before we go to Florida, so we're looking at Travel Systems, Pack N Plays, diapers, bottles, etc. Anything and everything we'll need in the first two weeks until we get back to Wisconsin.

Fire away! We need your input.