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Dan and I have been subscribing to Adoptive Families Magazine now for about a year. (In fact, that reminds me that it's time for renewal.) We've found each issue very informative. This past issue had an article, Planning for Parenthood, which I found particularly interesting.
When a woman finds out she is pregnant, she has nine months to read books, prepare physically and emotionally, bond with other mothers and get a nursery ready. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of unknowns and lots of surprises coming for all mothers. However, I often questioned when/if I should start reading books and preparing a nursery? We don't know when we'll become parents - tomorrow or six months or a year from now. But this article put me at ease. For one reason, I know that the emotional tugging and uncertainty I feel must be pretty common among prospective adoptive parents. And another ... it gave some good advice in dealing with these feelings and getting more comfortable with the adoption ahead of us.
If anyone knows anyone else currently going through the adoption process, I would suggest forwarding the article for a quick read and a little reassurance.



I've had a couple people recently ask me about a homestudy. What is it, what do you do? Well, a homestudy is a process you go through to ensure that you are ready, willing and able to become adoptive parents. It consists of three visits with a social worker.

First Meeting - We met, as a couple, with our social worker. This meeting is used to assess our relationship, our intention and simply to get to know us better as a couple.

Second Meeting - We met, as individuals, with our social worker. This meeting goes into more detail about our families, our childhood, and our thoughts and feelings about each other.

Third Meeting - We met, as a couple at our house with our social worker. This process includes a walkthrough of our home. We actually babyproofed the house and made sure it met foster home standards. We had a smoke alarm on each floor, but we had to add smoke alarms to each bedroom. We also put locks on kitchen and bathroom cabinets, inserted plastic covers over the outlets, added doorknob locks to the basement doors and developed and posted a family fire escape plan. Needless to say ... our home is ready today for a little one. After the walkthrough we met for a third time with our social worker. We talked about parenting goals and our life with a child (or two or three or four).

That entire process takes about 1 1/2 to 2 months to complete. Then you receive a document that summarizes EVERYTHING. That is a homestudy.


Adoption Services Profiles

We are currently working with Adoption Services out of Mequon and we have an online profile that gives birthparents a chance to learn a little bit more about us. Part of the adoption process is to create a physical binder with more pictures and information about us than is available through the online profile. Adoption Services takes multiple copies of the binders and stores them at both their Appleton and Mequon locations. They can loan them out to birthparents so they can get to know the adoptive couples and make a better decision about who they would like to place their baby with. -Dan

Adoption Services Inc.
2314 N. Grandview Blvd.Suite 300
Waukesha, WI 53188(888) 686-0443



National Adoption Options

We've been receiving additional information from other adoption options and filtering through everything. The difference this time, is that we're looking at national programs instead of just local ones. Still not convinced that we're switching, but when the time comes to renew our homestudy we want to be sure we have all the options available to move as quickly as possible.

So far I've participated in a couple of phone conferences with agency consultants and we have another scheduled for tomorrow evening. This one is with Adoption Network Law Center. If anyone knows of anyone who has used this organization, I'd love to hear from you. Provided references are great (of course they would be), but personal references are even better.

Until later. -Jodi


Poll Down, New Poll Up

Well, 100% of you have visited our online profile. Only two voted, but who said this was scientific research. There is a new poll up, so take a look, get counted and we'll look at results mid July.

In the meantime, Dan and I have been doing lots of research on additional domestic adoption opportunities and even checking out the Russian international adoption programs available. Lots to consider - AGAIN. The big question is are we making the right decisions or simply spinning our wheels? Check back often for the exciting conclusion ... or not. -Jodi