Big Day Tomorrow

As most of you know (because I have been shouting it from the rooftops) it's time for us to meet our baby boy. We got the call Tuesday morning to head to Florida. So, we packed the car to the brim - no joke. We left Tuesday night and made it to our destination Wednesday night. Long, long drive. Lots of great scenery, lots of road construction, lots of little naps, lots of laughing, lots of bugs on the windshield, and lots of talking about what it will be like to be parents. But we are here and waiting. Dan's parents arrived about 30 minutes before we did.

Baby will be here by the 4th of July. I'm still pinching myself. We'll keep everyone updated as much as possible with this blog and Facebook.

Be back soon! Good night. -Jodi

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Patty Ciha said...

Take lots and LOTS of pictures of everyone. Birth family included - Grandparents and all. You'll treasure them especially as Tyler gets older.