Moving in Fast Forward

Tyler is coming! We received a call on Tuesday and the takeaway was that Tyler will be here sooner rather than later. We're excited he's coming, but the circumstances surrounding the early delivery are the tough part. As we mentioned before, the birthmother has skin cancer and needs to have treatments that they can't start while she's pregnant. Then on Tuesday at her doctor appointment they became concerned about preeclampsia. She goes back in tomorrow and then we'll find out what day they are going to do a scheduled c-section.

So, we've pushed things into high gear so we're ready to go. We're excited and nervous, but most of all ... I can't believe it's finally happening. I am going to be a MOM and Dan is going to be a DAD.

I'll update tomorrow when we know the day Tyler is entering the world.

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Sarah said...

Oh Jodi - I am so excited for you! Please do let us know when Tyler is going to arrive. Take care!

Sarah Pischer